June 27 2020 Youth Hunt

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Another Successful SCI Naples-Ft. Myers Youth Hunt in June 2020!

On June 27th, 2020, the Safari Club international Naples-Ft. Myers Safari Chapter sponsored a Youth Hunt for graduates of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Hunter Safety program.

We had determined hunters with temperatures reaching 93 degrees and humid that day.  The kids were hunting at Razzor Ranch all day long and all the hogs were shot in late afternoon.

The FFWC and SCI Naples-Ft. Myers Chapter goal is to introduce youth to the outdoor experience of ethical hunting in Florida. Each recipient successfully completed a hunt, learned game recognition and tracking. Each recipient demonstrated firearm safety and accurate marksmanship.

"Congratulations" to the following selected youth recipients (Front left to right in First Two Rows): Tek Watts w/ daughters Mia and Shelby Watts, Coral Pronovost, Scott Hutchinson (SCINFM Member) w/ granddaughter Kylee Hutchinson, Greg Cheek (SCINFM Member & Youth Hunt Sponsor), Amy and Andy Pronovost. Third Row are Host Guides from Razzor Ranch.

Coral Pronovost

June 27 2020 Coral Pronovost

Mia and Shelby Watts

June 27 2020 Mia and Shelby Watts


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